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Everyone agrees that mobile technologies, and especially the Internet, are here to stay. In fact, a recent study has categorized Wi-Fi as being an "utility", making it similar with (and as important as) electricity. Mobile technologies provide a much greater flexibility, and thus help enterprises thrive, increasing their profits. Due to the increased mobility, lots of companies allow their employees to work from home once or twice per week. It is convenient for everyone, and studies show that this approach has actually increased productivity! However, since employees need to connect to the company servers to do their jobs, remote computer access can sometimes pose serious security risks.

Most of these risks can be eliminated without going through too much trouble, though. And one of the best solutions is to use a Virtual Private Network, a.k.a. VPN. This is a guaranteed data encryption method that will allow you to access the company servers securely, without allowing anyone to intercept the data that is sent back and forth.
Why your company needs a VPN
Popular operating systems (Microsoft Windows, for example) provide built-in VPN support, but you shouldn't necessarily use that. Why? Because it can be complicated to set up a VPN connection this way. Reputable virtual private network providers have built their own applications, which offer several flexible options. They shine in comparison with the barebones VPN features that are provided by the operating systems. Read on to discover some of the advantages that arise from using a custom VPN for your company.

Whenever you connect to a VPN, the remote client becomes a component of that particular virtual private network. This means that it can access all the resources that are shared over the local company network, as if it were one of the network clients that is located within the company premises.

VPNs are often times used by employees who travel a lot and need to access the company network while they are on the road, or during their long flights. By using a virtual private network, employees can get remote access to their computers, have access to all the shared company resources, and so on.

So, why does any responsible company need a VPN? As you can see, it is mostly for security purposes. By using a virtual private network, you will keep the bad guys away! Sadly, some threats may come from your Internet Service Provider as well. Your ISP is now allowed to sell your company's browsing data to all the interested parties. And my guess is that lots of people are interested in seeing what websites your employees are accessing!

However, by using a VPN, your employees' browsing activities will not leave any trace. Don't rely on publicly available VPN providers, though, because they may decide to keep (and sell) traffic logs on their end! VPNs will also allow you to access the web while you are visiting countries where Internet censorship is enforced.

There are several sellers that offer access to virtual private network services. One of the better ones is Strong VPN. Still, we recommend using a custom-built VPN server that runs open source software, and is thus 100% safe.
We can deliver a fully functional hardware and software solution, including a fast server, for less than $3,000. Contact us for more information.