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Our top 10 solutions:

1. We design computer networks, starting with their topological design, synthesis and actual network implementation.

2. We set up virtual private networks servers (VPNs) using OpenVPN. It is by far the safest method that allows employees to access company data while they are working from home or traveling.

3. We improve existing networks. We begin by identifying their limits. Due to their complexity, most network problems can be quite insidious. Then, we determine the configuration of the ideal network, which can make everyone happy. Once that the management approves the upgrade plan, we implement the changes.

4. We maximize network performance. We ensure that the most important applications run under the "platinum" service class. We enforce data compression and data packet optimization whenever it is possible to do so.

5. We troubleshoot network issues. We check each and every physical connection, verify for (and assign) valid IP addresses to each network client, we ping all the devices, and more.

6. We investigate and fix data corruption errors which can occur while reading data from a storage device, writing to it, processing data, sending it or receiving it.

7. We harden the security of the existing networks. We set up systems which require password changes regularly. We also remove the unused software applications and services.

8. We upgrade network hardware and software, providing the needed performance and features improvements, while keeping the upgrade costs reasonable.

9. We offer remote and on-site tech support. It's the easiest, least expensive way of getting access to expert advice and solutions to your network-related problems.

10. We audit network capacity and IP addressing.
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