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It happened again! After seeing the WEP and WPA wireless security protocols failing, we were hoping that WPA2 is virtually impossible to crack. However, the KRACK vulnerability has proved us wrong once again. There is hope, though, because the affected devices can be patched through software. But will their manufacturers move fast enough?
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These days, anyone using a freely available, "ethical hacking" tool, can get access to private data which is stored on and transferred to other Wi-Fi devices that are connected to the same network. If you've ever used open hotspots in hotels, for example, you are risking the security of your company's data. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem.
Yes, your company needs a virtual private network. It is the safest way of ensuring that its employees exchange data with the company servers without risking its integrity. While there are some decent commercial solutions out there, we recommend building and using your own VPN server, and thus getting full control over the client traffic logs.
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